backgroundpageOur School and Foundation were officially registered under The Friendly Societies Act in August 2011, and the School opened its doors on September 5.  The initiative grew out of a home ABA program set up by Kala Ramnath and Simon Bond (former Deputy British High Commissioner) for their son Rohan when they were posted to Guyana in late 2008. This program was carried out for three years under the consultation and supervision of Dr. James Ellis, a registered behavioral analyst and clinical psychologist. During Dr. Ellis’s quarterly visits to Guyana to training tutors, he always made time to meet and assess other children and consult with their parents. He also established vital contacts with the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre through Mrs. Cynthia Massay and has given talks on autism at the PRRC.

The goal of the School is to provide a highly specialized and individualized approach to meet each child’s individual and autism-specific needs. The School is registered with Guyana’s Ministry of Education.